Saturday, October 14, 2006

The ass that is the law

Hurrah! It's the weekend, and for those of us not flying the next day the chance to blow off a bit of steam and get off site. I was one of the lucky ones without a saturday slot so hopped in the "bangbus" (a large minibus provided by OAT for student use) for a trip to Tempe, a student area of Phoenix. As a pilot you get used to check lists (well, at least I hope I will) and generally we do a "check" before departing mainly for passports and, if we are going to a nightclub, a footwear check. Anyways, coming back to the title of this entry I am amazed that I still have to carry my passport everywhere. I can only assume that the law says that everybody must show ID, however, common sense rarely seems to prevail in these circumstances. At Devils Martini, a local nightclub, I first tried to use my driving license but this wasn't accepted. As it happens I had my passport but do I really look under 21???? I challenege any body of 21 or under to grow this amout of grey hair (refer to the 747 photo) in just 21 short years !!!

There endeth my grumble.