Saturday, October 21, 2006

Update from Phoenix

Not much to report on the flying front for two reasons. Firstly there is an air display this weekend so airspace has been restricted to allow the Blue Angels (US equivalent of the Red Arrows) and various other aerobatic aircraft to train. Watching these guys do their stuff has been amazing and definitely influenced my flying. In my third lesson I was replicating a lot of what I saw; up and down, left and right just like the stunt planes. My instructor wasn't happy; He was trying to teach me to fly straight and level !!! Maybe that's why he quit? Or it could have been because in both of my take offs too date I've attempted to demonstrate the vertical capabilities of the Piper warrior aircraft we use. He kept saying something about stalling and how this isn't a good idea but I've seen how the Blue Angels do this and it looks pretty easy. He muttered something about our aircraft not having a sufficient thrust to weight ratio, popped another valium, and then drove off into the sunset to join North West airlines (The second reason why I've done so little flying)!! Hopefully, we'll get a nice, new, brave instructor early next week.

Consequently I've had lots of time to practice checklists, emergency drills and get an Arizona state driving license. The former was painfully easy. 30 multiple choice questions, a quick drive around the block without leaving to much death and carnage and the license was attained. My examiner spent more time watching the Blue Angels practicing for this weekends air display than my actual driving.