Sunday, October 29, 2006

A very reasonable training request

In life we often evaluate our progress by comparing what we have with our peers. At Goodyear airport our peers are the trainees from Lufthansa and The German Air Force. Whilst we get parity with the Lufthansa cadets we do feel the German Air Force guys are getting a little more than us. Consequently we have petitioned Oxford Aviation Training to rectify this and have asked for a few small additions to be made to the fleet of Piper Warrior PA128 aircraft.

This has been requested to liven up back seating.

ATC won't be denying me touch and go's with these babies on board

Training will have to be modified and two extra lessons will need to be added to the syllabus, namely “Dog fighting for beginners” and “practical bombing for the low hours pilot”. Additionally the lessons on step turns and stalling will have to be modified slightly to include surface- to-air missile avoidance techniques.