Monday, November 06, 2006

Drapes goes Solo

It hardly seems anytime at all since my first lesson and my initial doubts that in a few short hours we would be flying one of these things on our own. Well, around 12.5 hours of tuition later and there I was sat in the left hand seat of an aircraft as the PIC (pilot in command). I could barely concentrate on the pre-take off checks such was my excitement but I composed myself and was soon holding short of runway 21 requesting clearance for take off. As I hurtled down the runway (if you can call 60 knots hurtling) I began laughing like a child on christmas morning. The take off, crosswind and downwind legs went as smoothly as I could have hoped and then I got to the base leg. It's at this point that you realise "Sh*t, I've got to land this thing now" and that's when a few butterflies creep in. I was a bit low and slow on approach but quickly corrected and was bang on the centre line and, how shall we put it, made a "positive" touchdown (That's slamming it down on the runaway for the non-aviators reading this). I didn't care, I'd done it !!!!

On my way

Coming in to land

The scene in ATC as Drapes comes in to Land

Done it !!