Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ode to the Warrior

Having had my pilots logbook and records scrutinized by OAT, they were quite insistent that I was down on the required PIC (pilot in command) time so I was duly despatched today for my last solo flight (also my last on a single engined aircraft at least during training). Having flown the two-engined Seneca the Warrior suddenly seemed mind bogglingly simple in comparison; I guess that's progress. Whilst some of the flight was used to practice navigation in preparation for my upcoming CPL, most of it was just noodling about in the air for fun and trying a few tricks that I'll tell people about at the pub but had best not put in writing !!

Back to serious flying tomorrow assuming they get any of the Seneca's back from maintenance. I was supposed to fly the Seneca today but one of the engines broke. As the lesson was on assymetric flight I only actually needed one engine but they preferred that both engines work when you take off; Hence, my last Warrior flight