Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Drapes goes Solo - Part 2

Going solo for the first time is both exciting and nerve wracking in equal measures, however, it is restricted to the Goodyear airport "circuit" (The holding pattern around the airport that aircraft have to enter before landing). The next progress step is the first solo mission away from the airport which I completed today. The feelings of apprehension and excitement were exactly the same as my first solo but once airbourne the nerves were no longer present as I was consumed with checklists, radio calls, monitoring instruments and radios and generally pointing the thing in the right direction. The 40 minute flight seemed more like about 5 minutes as no sooner had I taken off and completed the circuit departure procedures I was levelling off and beginning my arrival procedures. Thankfully, I got my radio calls right although the landing was a bit bumpy but OK considering it was my first crosswind landing. I would have gone up again immediately but for the instruments simulator lesson I had to attend immediately afterwards....It's all go here.