Sunday, November 19, 2006

Air Cadets Story

Those that have been in or around aviation for a while have usually got some good stories to tell but one I heard recently I thought was excellent so here it is on DrapesinPhoenix.

Many of the trainee pilots here gained hours through the Royal Air Force air cadets whilst at University. Some of these guys reported that they would often fly behind the planes of fellow air cadets and then come on the radio and shout "dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga" (mimicking machine guns). This was quite common practice until the head of the air cadets happened to be listening in on the frequency one day resulting in an air cadet being summoned for disciplinary action.

A very angry head of air cadets (I don't know the technical title) proceeded to lay into the cadet and asked "Why did you fly up behind your class mate and pretend to fire a machine gun at him?"

The quick thinking cadet replied "Sir, I was too close for pretend missiles"

The stunned head stood frozen for a few seconds and then a hint of a smile apeared on his stern face and, with this, disappeared the momentum of the bollocking. The cadet was then politely asked not to repeat this behaviour and dismissed with no further action.